The Queen Mary. The Most Glamorous Ghost Ship in America.

34a56ece00000578-3610716-image-a-26_1464343388664The Queen Mary was in service for decades as a luxury liner. During World War II it was also used as a transport ship for the military. During the War it was named “The Grey Ghost” because the grey color she was painted made her less visible in the water during dangerous times. Most think of the Queen Mary as a very glamorous ship frequently used by glamorous the rich and famous of its time, but did you also know it is haunted? Perhaps the ghosts love glamor, too?

Many Celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Mae West, John F. Kennedy, W Somerset Maugham, Kings, Queens & Many Royal family members were passengers aboard the Queen Mary.

Elizabeth Taylor aboard The Queen Mary.

Thousands of sailors, stowaways and wealthy vacationers sailed the open sea aboard the Queen Mary. With the number of passengers and number of years the ship sailed it is not surprising she saw a fair amount of deaths on board – in fact the number is 49 souls. The ship is rumored to have so many hauntings that the public is prohibited from entering certain areas of the ship. But for the curious and brave the ship offers haunted tours of some of its cabins and halls. If you are very courageous you can spend the night on the Queen Mary.

34a5f4f100000578-3610716-image-a-145_1464352987259One young seaman, named John Henry, lied about his age to get a job on the Queen Mary. Unfortunately, he was crushed to death while trying to flee a fire on board. Loud knocking noises can be heard and strange bright lights have been seen near engine room 13 where he died. Some say the door to the engine room is hot to the touch when the smell of fire and smoke is detected.

The pool area was a beautiful large, art deco room. A young girl from third class thought it would be fun to slide down the sleek banister, but the ship was hit by a wave with such force causing the girl to fall from the bannister and broke her neck. Her ghost is said to wander the pool area looking for “Mommy”. Lucky for her she is not alone. In the 1930’s and 1960’s two women also died around the pool area and are periodically seen in the area.

Pool many years after the Queen Mary was retired.

One night a Gentleman guest slipped a steward some cash to help him procure a female passenger who was “willing” to keep him company for the night. A young woman was found and they retired together for the night. At breakfast the man was missing from the dining hall. The steward went to his room try to find him, but instead found the dead body of the woman. The gentleman was never located, his luggage was gone. It was as if he had never been on board the ship.

Sleeping cabins.

During the War the troops must have had enough with the bad food because they decided to stuff the cook into the oven and burned him alive. Some say the echo of his screams can still be heard near the kitchen today.

The Queen Mary was also surrounded by death in the water. In order to avoid enemy ships, she ran into another ship and practically cutting it in half. The ship left 300 sailors in the water who either drowned or were eaten by sharks. People believe that the mysterious pounding sounds heard on the side of the ship comes from the ghosts of the sailors trying to get on board. 34a5e0c800000578-3610716-image-a-167_1464353099378

The Queen Mary may be the one of the most haunted places in America

A toast to the Queen Mary on her final voyage in 1967.






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