Swedish Royal Family Reveals Drottningholm Palace Is Haunted.

Drottningholm Palace has been the home of the Swedish royal family since 1981. It is one of the most well-preserved royal castles built during the 1600‘s It is a very fine example of all European architecture from the period and is on the UNESCO world heritage list. It is the permanent residence of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, the 73-year-old daughter of a German businessman and a Brazilian woman. They were married 40 years ago and currently reside together in the southern wing of the palace.

Queen Silvia is Sweden’s longest serving queen. And over the years has come to know the royal palace very well. Recently she said that it  is haunted. She describes the ghosts as “small friends”and very friendly, but she often feels as if she is never completely alone in the palace. She also says that it’s can be very exciting and not scary at all.

The royal family has recently participated in a documentary film about the palace and are known to encourage visitors to “Come and feel it for yourself, go around here when it is dark. It’s very exciting. Imagine what they could tell?”

Would you spend the night at the haunted Swedish Royal Palace knowing it’s haunted?

Enter a captionBeautiful Aerial view of Drottningholm Palace



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